2017 M/s Class List

Master/slave thru Storm and Tempest

Walking our path has not always been pretty – there have been many long discussions, mistakes, angry words and difficult times - we will share some of the challenges that we have found solutions for to hopefully help someone else avoid a minefield or pitfall!
We intend to be transparent as we describe our own world-view concerning the myths and realities of Master/slave dynamics and to offer foresight for others on this path.  Mastery is not just about the highs of a relationship, but also about the seamy lows. Because of that, transparency is both a challenge and a necessity and helps to explain why honesty is a two-way street that must often be swept clean.
Come prepared with questions, and we will do our best to share how we approach those situations.

Where is the Instruction Manual for this Thing Called Master/slave?

There are many different views of what exactly a M/s dynamic is and is NOT – This class will discuss how we have made ours work and all the different ways that others can make a Master/slave dynamic work for THEM!  There is  no ONE TRU WAY – there is only YOUR way and we will show how ours has developed for us!

Master/slave – adding minions!

Having a poly relationship with your M/s is just another challenge that needs to be clearly structured to succeed … we will discuss some examples of good communication skills, protocols, time management, and many different tools that can help to set up your relationships to succeed!  All dynamics are unique to those involved…we are offering our example to assist others in the construction of YOUR dynamic as you wish.

Thanking the slave and Giving them Discipline.

Thanking someone and expressing displeasure is common in our everyday lives. To the Master, the slave is so valuable and unique we don’t want to bring “common” to this dynamic. Today we will discuss approaches for expressing gratitude and displeasure in a way that reinforces and honors both the slave and the dynamic. 

Master/slave as you MARINATE

This class discusses how you can adapt and change with your age on your M/s dynamic. Long term M/s can be a rocky road but still passable, and we will share and discuss how we have succeeded and the challenges that we have worked through.   

Orders – What are They and How Do you Hear Them?

We will discuss the trip hazards of the giving and receiving of orders within a Master slave relationship.  Sometimes in Master/slave dynamics it is very easy to not hear an order, and sometimes even when heard, you don’t always get the desired response.  For Master, we will discuss how we can give orders in a way that does not leave us feeling unheard, and for slave we will discuss our responses. We will share some of the things that have worked for us and discuss how orders and responses can be given and received to the satisfaction of both, and the benefit of the relationship. 

What makes a Master a MASTER and a slave a SLAVE?

There are lots of flavors of M/s dynamics, and lots of different kinds of Masters and slaves. Some people have tendency to reject or deny a title or a calling.  In this facilitated discussion, we will share our definitions of both sides of a dynamic. This class may assist There are lots of flavors of M/s dynamics, and lots of different kinds of Masters and slaves. Some people have tendency to reject or deny a title or a calling.  In this facilitated discussion, we will share our definitions of both sides of a dynamic. This class may assist some to understand what being a Master or a slave “is” and “is not” and help us embrace our callings.

The Trails and Tribulations of Raising Children in Your Master/slave Dynamic

Life often interferes with the dynamic we want, but there are lots of things that can be done to keep the dynamic alive and reconnect. We will discuss and share how we raised three children while in our M/s Dynamic and then our granddaughter… not an impossible or even overwhelming task - just a different set of challenges! We will share how we used some quiet protocols to enable us to reconnect without raising the children questions, but our solutions can apply to many life situations to keep your dynamic alive while dealing with people and situations who don’t or cannot understand. 

The Graffiti Covered Building Blocks of M/s

Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie have been together for 19 years. While today it is easier for them to walk this M/s path, things have not always been so pretty.  There have been many mistakes, angry words, and difficult times. However, they have come out on the other side of hard times, children, grandchildren, parents, and the messiness that is life. Today they will share some of their challenges and how they found solutions. If you come prepared with some of your own questions, they will do their best to share how they approach some of those difficult situations to inspire you on your own path.

Is a Master Still a Master Without a slave? And is a slave a slave Without a Master??

A roundtable discussion on the age old question talked about by many - like the chicken and the egg. Can you be a Master if you do not have a slave?  Can you be a Slave when you don’t have a Master? Is that even possible??  Why and why NOT?  This question causes some to have strong opinions – so let us as a group discuss openly our thoughts and ideas.  Together we will strive for an answer to the question!

Ritual Markings to Honor Your Dynamic:

Drum thumps mingle with the hypnotic flicker of flames, as chanting dancers surround the one to be branded.Humming from the mechanical bird as the artist places the sharp beak to skin and the ink transfers a depiction important to the wearer.Sacred ash is rubbed into the freshly blooded slashes as the rite of passage is performed; the razor sharp blade is honed again for the next set of memorable scars in the making.The ‘Snap ‘’Pop’ as the electricity flows along the dental tool revealing a Jaguar in the tall grass that was hidden within the skin seen only by the skin engraver and the one who bears the skin.Ritualized markings of the body like brands, tattoos, scarification, cuttings and piercings come in many forms and mean many things; embracing your role as Master or slave, affirming your tribe, to honoring lost friends. This class will explore the whys and the how of ritualized body modifications. While even temporary body modifications are not something anyone should enter into lightly, in the right circumstances it can be a transcendent experience for everyone involved.

Master/slave Dynamics and Consent

Consent is so important to our culture, and often gets overlooked when discussing Master/slave dynamics. Can you have a dynamic in obedience and have consent??   We have been asked to discuss how we show consent in our dynamic, and how different dynamics practice consent, what is important when you give consent and what consent really means.  Views on consent range from consensual non-consent to constant check-ins. Today we will discuss what consent can mean to a Master/slave dynamic, and why consent is important.

Consensual Non-consent in M/s Dynamics

Consensual non-consent is often debated in our consent culture.  Some dynamics have consensual non-consent and some have constant check ins for consent.  We will look at consent, and why it is important, and discuss if you can have consent in a relationship without complete information given to all parties.  We will talk about consent in all it's many different forms and presentations. Master/slave dynamics are complex. There are considerations beyond play, and more to consider when a long term Master/slave dynamic practicing consensual non-consent than when two parties are giving consent to play.

What Do You Do When You Lose a Master or a slave?

Some classes are fun, some are for education or relationships, this class is about setting up contingency and preparation towards a subject we tend to avoid – Loss.  We will talk about how to best serve the other before the crisis occurs and how we have dealt with this on our own.  Warning this class could be emotionally charged.