2017 Class List

Finding & harnessing the Inner Beast.

What is that burning within your belly? Why do some actions make you feel warm while others make you burst into chromatic passionate all consuming flames? What is that darkness, that shadow of unknown power and magnitude lurking in your inner being? Let us explore the beasts that reside in us all. It matters not if you are Top or bottom, Dom or sub nor even Master or Slave we all have beasts inside us who crave many things. Some of those things a can be strange or scary, some can seem dangerous or terrifying. Questions occur; what if it gets loose? What if I cannot control it? What if it consumes me or those I hold dear? Lets us sit down and discuss the beasts, the reasons for some of the Fires Within. 

Waterboarding for Fun & Rights of Passage:

Tilted on an incline, on your back, head down, restrained, blindfolded, headphones blocking all ambient sounds.  A voice whispers in the headphones, “have you ever fallen in water and not be able to tell which way is up, hit by a wave and knocked underwater, rolling around as if in a washer, disorientated, not knowing when your next breath will come, or if…” Waterboarding it has been in the news and touted as an evil act, yet it has been around for centuries, it is not new, and as an interrogation tool it is really not designed to get the truth, just one of the steps to build rapport between interviewer and interviewee. It is used to cause primal and basic fear in a short amount of time. We need basic things for life; food we can do without for two to three weeks, water, three or four days, air, no longer than 5 minutes. Water boarding causes the fear to dilate time… how long ago was that last breath I took…. Volunteers welcomed.

What's Really in Your Toy Bag?

When you search your toy bag for the household items that it is normally used for!  MULTI USE TOY’S  - What’s in YOUR toy bag?   Many of us have found OTHER uses for items beyond their intended manufacturer!  We will share how we have perverted every day items into LOVING toys of fun!! How you can pervert, oh no we mean - MULTI-TASK - everyday items for your toy bag!!!
Let us see what we can do with the household wooden spoon.. oh yes that is already well known.. ok but what about your plunger, or your hammer, or your decorative flower arrangement?  
We can pervert anything into a toy for your own fun and games.. come and join us for this fun and INFORMATIVE class.. and feel free to bring your own ideas!!

The Sensual Side of Canes

Listen for that sound… that swish thru the air… do you hear it??  Then watch as a cane is used lovingly to caress the skin… and stir up long repressed desire... that can be a Cane.  Canes are toys that people seem to either love or hate… Hate is normally from someone playing with a Cane only once.  They can be soft or hard and fast or slow – they have a million and one ways to be used on almost every place on your body!!  They reap rewards with the lightest of touches… and the softest of sounds! 
In this class we will learn and see how Canes can be used in a Sensual, softer way… to watch the reaction of the Cane as it transforms the bottom from fear to moans and then to screams of pleasure! 

Spirits of the Edge: Knife Play

The quiet scream of steel on steel, the whispered inhalation of breath as the words sternly spoken within your ear: “Don’t Move!” The sound of threads releasing their grip to each other as the blade slides down the dress to reveal more things to shred below. The feel of 36 inches of cold steel as it caresses your upper inner thigh, slicing away the pantyhose from your skin. The brutal and violent snick, slash, slice as your clothes are removed from your body in a wanton, impassioned, display of disregard for your own sensibilities, just the emotionally charged need to remove them from the prize.If these stir the blood and heat the spirit then come and learn about the power of sharpened steel, and learn how it cuts far deeper than the flesh, or the mind, it cuts deep within the core of who we are. And when the blade is wet, it glides like an angel of fear.

How We Stand Naked Against the Storm

Ever dream of going to school without any clothes? Or getting up from your desk at work only to find that you’re not wearing your pants? Now remember a time your Master gave you a task that was a real challenge for you to perform. Because it was or may be, personally embarrassing, sexually charged or humiliating in your eyes or even in your heart. A conflict arises; your fear of humiliation vs. your desire or need to serve. In this workshop we shall explore humiliation as a multifaceted means explore that erotic that is bottled up and to get past the wall of personal resistance and into the realm of service with joy. Warning this humiliation workshop is not about degradation but about building inner strengths and it will have audience participation standing naked against the storm.  

Interrogations Used for Fun!

The light that fades into view is gaining in intensity equal to the blinding sun. The endless infuriating soft spoken voice repeats the same litany of questions and promises. You fight the binds and scream a wordless, silent, non human whisper. Interrogation does not always employ nor need the loud yelling screams of the maniacal, rubber hosed wielding, faceless antagonist, though they have their place. Sometimes it is the soft spoken whisper that causes more doubt, more inner turmoil. This workshop will explore the means and uses of interrogation to reach certain thresholds to allow the opportunity for exploration of personal growth.It will be presented as a form of a 'rite of passage'.

Primal Play

Primal Play, Force Play, Resistance Play, it all means the same thing: “Get out of your head play” strip away the protocols, lose the verbiage, remove your inhibitions and grease up your emotions. Within the circle lie not a Master and a slave, a dom and a sub. Merely two tops striving to express dominance and with some teeth and claws thrown in. This is not animal play this is primal, deep core of the human beast play. Were two human animals meet, where one force’s the submission of the other, by animalistic primal means! Physical, sexual, with no language but the guttural, no reasoning beyond the base needs to fight or flight, overpower or submit, conquer or be claimed. A brief safety portion and prep discussion followed by discussion and interactions with words at the end. I seek demo volunteers and drummers.

Mind Fucks

The suspension of disbelief: That moment when you forget that you’re in the theater and find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat. Not watching the play or movie but experiencing it. Mind fucks is a funny misnomer  in that you are not really fucking someone’s mind, you are making them believe you will and shall be doing what you say you are doing that could be potentially dangerous and very scary. Say a ‘Sword of Damocles’ scene, a victim is underneath a seemingly unfettered floating blade.Or laid blindfolded across the rails of an oncoming train… or blindfolded with the smell of gasoline and the sudden growl of a chain saw screams behind you. All perfectly safe you find out only after the scene…

Fire & Ice

A taste of the extremes; from the chilling, to the thrilling, Learn the many different ways to utilize cold to increase the heat and of course the power of flame to do far more of the same. The Human body only senses pressure and temperature. We play/work with pressure extensively with flogging, body impact, etc. Now experience and observe how to explore the senses of temperature. This seminar will show the sensual to extremes sides to the Fahrenheit to Celsius scale in a manner that shows safety, and careful respect to powerful elements. It will include frozen insertions to fire flogging. Master Dennis has been doing fire and ice, for many years and teaching it for many.

Leather Families: What, Why, & How are They Formed.

Leather is your heart, not your clothing. Leather is your ethos, not your ego. Leather is your actions, not your words. Leather is the soul and spirit of your life, not your desires nor your dreams. Family is who you care and nurture, not who you collect. Family is like minded individuals, not clones. Family is there for each other, not there for status. Family has focus, Leather has focus, and a leather family has all and more of these qualities. Yes there are those who use words we may not agree apply to them. Let us explore the many facets of leather families and find what fits for us and what does not.

What the Hell Do You Mean You're a Little? (Part 1 & 2)

Breathe, relax it is OK? There has been a surge of "little's" within our world, it can be very disconcerting for a big tough leather Master to come to grips with this phenomenon, their charges exhibit child like actions, behaviors or respectfully request to explore them. Oh what is a Master to do? I will share my trials and tribulations of dealing with these worrisome and at times delightful bundles of joy. We shall explore the many types of 'little' and the ways that this can be integrated within your Master/Slave Breathe, relax it is OK? There has been a surge of "little's" within our world, it can be very disconcerting for a big tough leather Master to come to grips with this phenomenon, their charges exhibit child like actions, behaviors or respectfully request to explore them. Oh what is a Master to do? I will share my trials and tribulations of dealing with these worrisome and at times delightful bundles of joy. We shall explore the many types of 'little' and the ways that this can be integrated within your Master/Slave dynamics. There are many things to watch out for as well so we shall; Take a deep breath, add a few toys (real ones) to our toy bag, learn which crayons are good and which ones are "Icky", and most of all learn that what is in one's pockets is fair game. 

SACRED and the PROFANE (how play can be sacred)

SACRED1 a: dedicated or set apart for the service or worship of a deity <a tree sacred to the gods>b: devoted exclusively to one service or use (as of a person or purpose) <a fund sacred to charity>2 a: worthy of religious veneration: holyb: entitled to reverence and respectPROFANE1: to treat (something sacred) with abuse, irreverence, or contempt: desecrate2: to debase by a wrong, unworthy, or vulgar use             We are going to discuss how things non-religious can be both sacred and profane. How they can co-exist in the same space. Example: the sacredness of humiliation, the veneration of a slave to its Master, how we can consider the profane with a sacred regard. Remember what is sacred to one is profane to another and vice a versa. The aspect of what one might call abuse is a sacred act for another. Calling a loved one a “Bitch” may be a degrading term or it may be a term of endearment. Bringing a drink or treat to your loved one naked and chained may be a vulgar use of their body or a cherished and sacred act of devotion. What may be hot and naughty for one may be sacred and spiritual in the same moment as being vulnerable and filled with a feeling of being debased, which can actually loop back to being hot and naughty ad infinitum… a slap on the butt or on the face may be as a pat on the head or even soft gentle kiss… let us discuss the quandary of our human needs and what they mean to us far deeper than most ever delve.

Neo Tantric (techniques for fun & sexual growth)

This is a hands on (or off so to speak) exploration for beginners and more advanced practitioners of the Tantra arts. We will learn about building rapport and breathing to enhance our sensual and sexual powers with our partners or even with strangers. Sex is far more than the mechanics we all eventually learn how to do. It is the encompassing of mind and body with intent and energy from within each of us and learning how to entwine with our partner(s) Warning: this class can cause intense breathing, sexual stimulation, genital leakage, and possible orgasmic loss of control but no bad side effects.

Electricity (wands, tens, etc)

Snap, Crackle, Pop…. Squweel… No, this is not a new or old cereal ad it is about the fun and pleasure of electrical play; this can be a 101 to 601 level class depending on the needs and level of the audience. Learn about the joys of stunners and tens units to not only cause pleasurable discomfort, it can also cause repeated orgasmic racking waves for hours of fun. Feel what a wand can do in many circumstances and situations. Learn how to make toys to enhance and elicit squeals of wanton desire. Have you ever kissed another with high voltage electrical current coursing across your skin? Thank you, Nicola Telsa.

Oral and anal (the Intimate play)

ATM, fellatio, anilingus, cunnilingus, blow jobs, rim jobs, salad tossing, Greek fun, anal sex, butt munching, etc… etc…  Shocked? Don’t be… there are so many more names for these activities. Some of us can accept oral sex with the breast and genitals but get blocked when the ass becomes part of the party. Others are jumping right in there and putting on their party hats ready to go. We will consider for the moment in class that the ass is not only a viable player here but a misaligned one at best. We will discuss safety of course but also the intimate power house we have been sitting on for so long. Understand that this is NOT about Scat play!

The Gentle Art of Zippers

The soft sigh or jump of slight shock as the clip is carefully and gently attached to soft compressed skin. The anticipation as clip by clip is lined up with care. The subtle increase of endorphins and other brain chemicals find more and more receptors. The glassy look in the eyes tells you that the desired point is near… six…five… silly smile or moments of a distant stare, four… three… an oooh or aah as the pattern you are clipping to their skin becomes evident to the wearer of the clips. Two… One… the music hits a crescendo, and you give them a wink… pause… then someone restrains the person tightly… then you run with the end of the zipper across the room. . . . . . . . . . The sound the person makes as tiny capillaries refill with blood and awaken the sleeping nerve endings in a fiery line of electrical feeling, the restraints or restrainer struggle to keep a hold of the person as they vibrate to the gentile art of the Zipper…

Duct Tape Mumification

Mummification comes in many forms; Yet Duct tape offers a unique opportunity for fashion design, mobility and Public interaction. Duct tape can be used to give tight constraint and security to tightness of a second skin and the freedom to move about. Yet it also allows for one to tweak the sensory input or the distortion of it as well. Come and explore the wonders of the simple yet versatile tape originally used to connect ducting hoses for air flow. Learn how you can build sexy outfits or fanciful creatures for yours and their enjoyment.

Sensory Deprivation

The tightness of the wrapping, binds the skin like a second sheath. The light is removed along with your vision. Your ears are muffled and all sound is lost or distorted. The sense of your body and your presence in the once fixed point of being blur… Faintly you hear a sound, sense a color, feel a warmth or cold. Is it real, or is it your imagination. Is this something from the external or the internal? A song emerges, a story unfolds, a journey is started, a life is lived and time has no meaning. Sensory Deprivation, is more than just mummification, it is more than a simple scene with bits and parts exposed for various sensation and sexual delights. This is about a process and what occurs within the mind and body as the void is filled with the spirit and experiences we hold inside. Join me as we explore the methods to achieve this state such as; suspended saran wrap, full encasement via duct tape, blankets, boxes, leather or Epson salt infused, body temperature water. This class is a sampling and not the length of what would be a good experience but volunteers are welcome to try some aspects of these methods.

Rope Spirit

There are many ways to tie a person with rope, Shibari and western styles, Hogties and predicament. Some shy away from the artistic and historic intricacies of some rope work, the idea of the varied knots or types of rope Names and positions can intimidate. Rope Spirit is a why for one to understand the basic safety and anatomy concepts and then to hold the rope in hand, gaze at the subject to be roped and allow the rope to speak to you without concern for set ancient patterns or fancy knots or ties. Not to say that those are not hot and a wonderful skill set to have. This is just a different approach to rope and the way one uses it… in a more primal and at times spiritual or focusing manner.

Chakras (and their use in play)

It is important to understand and know what makes us tick and click in life. The ancients did a lot of introspection as to how we as humans act and react to various stimuli, Alas some time has passed since these were first explored and there ways have fallen to the wayside or unto deaf ears. As science became more the standard we shunned the old ways thinking it was just smoke and mirrors, which we are now coming to see that they have merits and in some cases provable results. This is a class that will give a brief quick down and dirty explanation of the Chakras and their differences within the sexes and how we can use our practice of BDSM to enhance the benefits and dare I say ‘energy’ of our play, to build better rapport and connection with our partners.


An ancient torture device especially in the Middle Eastern half of Europe and Asia, it is the beating, caning and even the single tailing of the bottom of the feet. We in the lifestyle can use it to illicit many different and unique sensations. For the study of reflexology shows us that the bottom of our feet have many connections to various portions and systems within our body. If handled correctly pleasure and pain can coexist and thrive, but one must understand that there are areas of concern as with anything so safety will be discussed as well as ways to bring the desired effects.

Clarity in a lightning’s flash, How to live in the moment.

People seem to have great difficulty living in the moment. Many feel drained by living because they can't let go of old hurts, anger, fears or their need to feel in control of situations or people. If you want to learn to live more fully in the present, first you need to discover where you have been living, where your energy is being invested. Are you always exhausted? Do you feel like a victim? Do you try to control situations by trying to control others' feelings,actions or reactions? Are you often angry? …depressed? …fearful? You can begin to change this by answering some question to yourself. In this seminar we will look at the things that may block us from living in the moment and we will also discuss just what the hell does it mean to "Live in the Moment" and why it is a good thing. 

The Science of Woo

What is this Woo? Why does it seem to work? Was the tale of the force based on something real yet intangible? Why do healers and mystics seem to get people to believe in their powers? I need tangible and logical reasons in order to see or grasp things. This class will discuss and show that some aspects of Woo do have a basis in science and reality and it also has a lot to do with intent and suspension of disbelief. Some call it faith. Not all things can be explained but many are possible to understand for those who see the world from a more pragmatic point of view. And for those who live in a more spiritual woo filled world they can come to understand that there is a basis for their belief. Let’s delve into the murky depths of the unknown and find some crystals of science glowing behind the veil. 

What is a Lifestyle dynamic, a roundtable, panel, or discussion?

Roundtable discussions open to all, to help better understand why we do what we do. This will also clarify by discussion just what are those terms and titles really mean to us. Why do we insist on boxes and labels to put things into even when some of those names and actions inherently shun or rebel being confined. We use an inexact language called English, and we use verbiage that not all understand because of regional or historical discontinuity. Let us explore some historical reasons for some of the


Mummification as a rite of passage, when I do mummification I do it in a manner of introspection and passage for the person who is wrapped. We show many varied ways and materials to wrap a person within a secure and safe space for them to allow their mind and spirit if you will to peek deeper within themselves than normal and to break free of the bonds that hold them both mentally as they percolate and physically as the break the restraints that secure them. It is a rebirthing, re-emerging being with new insight of themselves and their journey. Class time: 2 hours if as a discussion with single demo, 4 hours if as a group mummification.

Mummification suspension

In this class, we will discuss the benefits of Mummification while suspended, this is an ancient method of connecting with the world around us by shutting out the external stimuli and reaching out beyond the bonds that hold one to the earth. There will be mummies suspended by rope, leather duct tape and even by plastic wrap. Class time: 2 hours if as a discussion with single demo, 4 hours if as a group mummification.


The warm thick viscous liquid like silken honey flows across the sensitive skin, or molten drops randomly strike from above as the taper drips drops of intense focus along your body. Wax play can be the most sensual of fore play or the most intense of torture. Let us go through the many ways wax can be used in our life than just drops from the tops. We will explore the ways it can be removed or even to preserve the shape of a favorite portion of our bottom.

Stapler blood play:

Click, click, and clack, the entering of staples from an electric staple gun or hand held stapler through the duct tape and of course the flesh. The rapid intake of breath from the receiver elicits a rush of endorphins, for both the receiver and the giver. The pounding percussion as the Top impacts the embedded staples in the duct tape and the dripping sound of blood finding the floor, now comes the fun. The removal of the tape in many fun ways releases a flow of vampyric proportions.

How to meld the sensual integration of floggers with our sexual desires.

The sound as the tails slice through the air, the remembered words, Master recently whispered. The heat begins burning deep within you, you feel passions and desires riding high, or are they? Sometimes we cannot shut down the 'monkey brain' long enough to just be. To experience the moment, stroke by stroke, and breath by breath.  We might love to just love the feel of the leather on our skin, and to experience the warm molasses creeping of sensuality until it reaches the point of total wanton sexuality. In this workshop we shall explore the ways to combine sensations like flogger &other implements to arouse varied levels of sensual/sexual states and integrate them to the fire within. (This will explore all Genders/orientations/humans beings.)